Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lazy Sunday

hi guys
hmm its Sunday now!
and its sunny and cloudy here.
today is Vesakh day.
Happy Vesakh all.
went to vihara this morning for vesakh celebrate, and here me now at home.
so lazy, wanna take a nap, but must wake my daddy up at 3pm and its 2.30 now ._. argh must wait until 3 to wake him up, and at 4 my friend and his brother will pick me up for some photoshoot,
her brother want me to shoot him, thank god i get a job this day :D (i'll post the result to you later)
and than, want to go with my friends with their own boyfriend, aaa seems just me who dont have a boyfriend, well, my friend Wanda will go too, she has a boyfriend, but her boyfriend dont join us for this evening,
so its a lazyyyy and busyyyy Sunday right?
want take my nap for now :(
oh right, last night, i went to a wedding party with my sister, hmm the wedding was so lovely, met many people there, and i post later about the photos, and yesterday was a busy busy day, my sister and i with her daughter went there and went here, omg so tired, we sat in her car went there and went here all day long. hahah but its okay. i love to went there and went here .

hm this is my lazy sunday look.

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