Thursday, December 27, 2012

Never knew i needed

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I know its late but merry Christmas to everybody who celebrate it! <3 yea i know i'm not a christian but i feel so excited too when christmas came. Hahaha. Yes i'm a buddhist, one more fact about me. hihihi. Okay guys, i know its been so long from my last post and im sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :'( been busy with my final exam that takes a week. and been busy cause before the final exam week, there was so many exam called Ulangan Harian that held a week before final exam. :| how come aaaa, 2 weeks full of exam :( well, its alr passed. thanks god hahaha. Oh yea, last week was my cousin sis engagement party. been busy cause the party too x_x And it's holiday guyss oh how happy i ammmmmmmmmm :') but not really, just feel the same, but with no stressing about school exactly. hihihi. OK Enough with my personal life. Let's back to our talk. I've been mention to you all about my 2nd portfolio that i made with a help from my friend, and here is it ... 

This is a story about a girl who having fun with her life and suddenly in love and feeling crazy about it. Can't stop thinking about him and then they together but in the middle she got doubt about everything cause a thing that everybody can't understand well. Well, she don't know too but she must decide. So she decide to go, but then everything turn out not like she thought. Then she realize that never knew she needed him. She loves him so much and keep thinking about him. And they back together in the end. Love will always find it way back. Never knew i needed.

Talent: Agnes Anastasya Kuhu
Photograph : Agnes Koriston
Stylish : Agnes Koriston
Based on true story. (but have edited the end of the story)

Okay guys that was about my 2nd portfolio. Actually, i really confused to find the right words to make it. Cause i guess the photos just not enough. Yeah we do the photoshoot in a rush cause the sun just want to go down :( but i made it! tadaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahahaha. Okay, about the story, based on true story too. About my another best friend love life, but i edited it a lil bit. I edited the ending hehehe. Well, they still not together now but still love each other and try to find the way to make everything right. God bless them! <3

and here some photos of mine that my best friend, Wanda, took for me <3 thank her! <3

Well, if you follow me on twitter, you know that i've cut my hair shorter than before :'( i cut it cause it just fall extremely and i guess i will bald if i don't cut it >< so i cut it >< and now, i'm kinda love my new hair hihhii, photos coming up soon! <3 And great news!! <3 This morning i've done a photosession with my best friend Jesslyn! Yeah she back in town at December 15th. She will go back to Surabaya soon :( so we decide to take a photosession this morning and everything was great! Coming up my 3rd portfolio! <3 Adios folks! <3 Peace out!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Extraordinary Christmas

Hey guys! How you all doin? Enjoying holiday or still suffer in exam? Me, still waiting for the exam that held this Monday! :( Okay this is the photosession that i've mention to y'all on my last post. This is the photosession that i took on Wednesday with my friends. There is still 1 more portfolio i make. It means i have 2 photosession yesterday! :p Okay back to the portfolio.
The day we met, i know i'm falling. Your eyes, your smile, means the world to me. I was not looking but you turned into everything i looking for. Actually, we have alr met before. But i know that there's something different right now. And yeah, it called 'Love'.

I'm doubt with this feeling firstly. But with time goes by, i know that this feeling is grow day by day. And Christmas getting closer. All i want is you right now. I wish you have the same feelings with me too. Nothings can replace you. You turn to be everything i want. Only you. All i want for Christmas is you, my Extraordinary Christmas.

try to make it look snowing, isn't it good or bad? x_x

Based on true love story. Inspire from my best friend love life.
Photograph : Agnes Koriston
Talent : Wanda Feybe
MU & Stylish : Agnes Koriston
Okay guys that is my portfolio for today! <3 Hope you all like it. I know the background is not really help. But i wish its okay! <3 i've tried my best and promise to do more best! <3 hahaha and about the story, its a true story you know! hahahah happened in my best friends love life. I hope she and he can be together this christmas!

" Know or not, good or bad, being loved or to love, as long as you love someone, it will goes on and on. Even you say you're not loving anymore, at least you still care. Love never fail. Human does." - Agnes Koriston
Teaser 1 for next post.
okay guys, it's all for today. Will be back with my 2nd Portfolio, and my next outfit photos :p have a really nice Friday night everybody! <3

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wherever i go

since Sunday be a very boring day to me and since i have nothing to post, it such a very bad day to meeeeeee :( yeah maybe some of you are enjoying your freedom right now, or maybe some of you are studying now for the final exam tomorrow, but it's not both me :( my final exam is not coming yet and maybe some of you suggest me to go studying cause the final exam will coming, but yeah you know i can't resist this lazy feeling that lay on my heart aaaaaa. Yep, you can say that i'm typical a student who study only if i have a test tomorrow :p *ssstttt* Suddenly i remember, that i have 2 award that i'm not answer it yet since they gave it to me im sorry my bad :( okay, i guess today is a perfect day to answer it! <3
Thankyou for Jessica Ane from Taken by Surprise that already gave the Liebster award for me <3 and thankyou for Ruby and Rosa from Ruby and Rosa that already gave The Versatile Blogger award for me <3 It such an honor to accept these award <3 so, the Liebster award ask to post 11 things about your self and The Versatile Blogger award ask to post 7 things about yourself. So i'll just mix it up! :D
11 things about my self :
- Love to grab a photo and to be the talent too.
- Love food as much i love my self! Spent my money more in food than others ><
- Number one dream to be a success woman in career
- A insomnia girl some nights, usually a stomachache girl, a huge dreamer girl.
- A chubby *>.<*, 147cm, 41 kilos, and long black-brown hair girl.
- Adore fashion so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
- Music is one of the most influential things in my world
- Can't sing but love to sing
- Forever Cody Simpson's! <3
- Dreaming to have 3 child , 1 son and 2 daughter ( I know its still far away from my age but this is what im gonna do when i alr married someday <3 )
- Will be Nobody without Mom,Dad,Family,Friends,and You. <3
Okay, that's all guys! and the Liebster award is asking another question that the nominees must answer. So here we gooooo
  1. Are you a lipstick or eye makeup person? #idk, cause i'm not really a make up person, use a lipgloss and eyeliner only and a new beginner on eyeliner world! hahaha
  2. What is your signature scent? #i don't know too, just use perfume to go to the party and actually its my mom's >.<
  3. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be? #Cody Simpson! My future Husband and kids <3
  4. What's your favourite ever makeup product? #told you not a really make up person >.<
  5. What book would you recommend to your readers? #Illana Tan!! <3
  6. What do you do on bad hair days? #Pony tail as always ._.
  7. Describe your perfect Little Black Dress (LBD). #Have colar, bodycon model, have 3 button in front, zig zag silver strap in behind, satin+silk material!! <3
  8. What song will you always - without fail - dance or sing along to? #PAYPHONE
  9. What's your favourite lolly/candy/confectionary? #Yuppy candy! <3
  10. If anyone could play you in a film about your life, who would it be? #Dianna Agron! <3
  11. It's a fancy dress party where you can go as anything you want - what do you dress up as? #Paris Hilton the prettiest of all!! <3
and i'm sorry if this award is not going well in me, cause i just too confused to choose the nominees :( But, there is a blogger that i already love her style and she's pretty, nice, etc! My decision is to give her this Award just for her. Here she is, Maria Widjaja from . Congrats for you cee!! <3
Sorry again guys for the boring blog post, but here are some treat to you all, these are some random picture that i took. Enjoy! <3
Oh and once again, it's already December!! <3 I wish everything would turn great in this last month of 2012 and dreams come true absolutely! Have a photoshoot schedule with my friend this Wednesday, wish it would be great! Wish you have a very great weekend and happy 342nd day of 2012 folks! Happy December! <3