Friday, August 31, 2012


Hii, im back from my holiday, still in Surabaya, i'm in the airport now, waiting for my plane to Palu. Leaving Surabaya soon :( will back to Palu soon and start my activities as usually again. Hmm, so much things happen on my holiday. Stay up late thinking about things, crying all night long, good time, broken heart, pretending, faking, smiling, laughing, missing, eating till can't eat anymore, and praying.

sorry for the unfocus pic x_x

right, there's something different in me right? Yep i already cut my hair! <3 cut it for 5cm (maybe even more) cause im just too frustrate with my hair, it just always fall out :( and for the pony, i just feel that maybe i'm more suitable with pony, didn't i? 

Get a lot of things happen in my holiday, meet my friends, my lover, meet the marilyn monroe (the duplicate one, and sure i love marilyn monroe!) etc, and as you know, went to Singapore for this Holiday, it was so tired aaaaaaa i can't help, but behind that tired feeling there are so much fun laying there! especially when riding the Battlestar Galactica Cylon (yes im riding it!) at USS wow you know that feeling, SO MUCH FUN! will post to ya all later about my trip at Singapore, and after landing at Palu, i will going to my School Camp, so will post to ya soon!! Wait me! <3 

me with my cute photografer :p

Things happen, changed, come and go. Nothing last forever, even holiday :( and i know everything will never be the same, will always try to accept the fact. And even i know we can't be together, but please believe that i love you. Praying.

Monday, August 13, 2012

More Than This

Holiday is now on yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! and can't believe that i've finished all my homework hahaha it's a miracle i guess :') cause i always do my homework in the last day of holiday, hihi, but i finished my homework with a reason too, yep must finished it cause vacation already wait me <3

Monday, August 13th 2012 it means tomorrow is August 14th! yey will go to Surabaya tomorrow! <3 can't wait. hihihi, i'm counting hours, hihihi, oh right, gonna meet up with ma girls soon too yeyy!! will meet Jesslyn, C pika and Mentari this soon! Will post to y'all later, and will meet him soon too yey! XD and right, will go to Singapore next week! :D

*the ugly , short , and fat me argh :( *

Collar is one of the trend nowadays. isn't im right? yes, this little black top is a lovely one, go collar! <3

I've been replay this song over and over again. A song from a group singer called One Direction tittle "More Than This", y'all should hear this! <3

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Hi guys!! It's been a month since my first day at High School. It has so much funnnnnn, but its tiring too, got a lot of homework :( and cause its high school, so the back home time is more longer than junior high school.   And you know, just get well from the illness a couple week ago :x  i think it cause too many outside activities and made my throat have a problem again. Yes i have that "Amandel-thing". how poor :( but im back on the line again now! hihihi XD

Tomorrow is alr Friday again and it means 2 days to go to holiday XD my school will be on holiday start this    Monday, so this Saturday is the last day school hurayyyy!!! And FYI, will go to Surabaya and Singapore for this Holiday yeyy!! will post you about my trip soon! and will be at Surabaya on 14th, so im counting days now. Hihih

got this lovely top from my mom's closet again. isnt it so cute? got a lot cute and unique top from my mom, i wonder my mom young age clothing used to be. hihihi

as you might know, that i've mention you and told to y'all about my love life, Everything was so complicated, i don't know what i must do :( but, i get close again with my ex, yipiiiii XD will meet him this soon at surabaya yeyy!! XD and will meet a lot friends of mine too, and if you at Surabaya for this holiday, maybe you wanna meet each other? if its a yes, then, Lets meet! xx :D

this is the detail for my shoes. Got this shoes since 2009 maybe, and still fit it till now. hihihi

For you, if you reading this, you have stolen my heart, bih <3