Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Officially Missing You

Hi guys. Its June 27th today. And this is my last photoshoot at my old house, cause tomorrow i will move to my new house. The owner of my old house don't want to add more contract or sell it. So we must move to a new house. The very last night in this house, 14years and 9month leaving in this house since i was born, thanks house for raised me here :') This photoshoot taken by my lovely friend Jesslyn Sunyoto on June 12th, its been a long time ago sorry for post it right now >< and Thanks to Jesslyn! <3

This post is about my romance life. One year ago i was in a relationship with someone. But we already broke up last Feb. If we still together, today is our first anniversary but in fact we not. I met him today, what a surprise <3 but you know, i'm too shy to greet him and he don't have any reaction too so we both don't look each other, i don't know if he see me or not, i ain't even see his face , how poor :( only staring from the back side. So today im telling you all, i'm Officially missing him :(. You know guys, this Hello Kitty and Mr. Ginger Bread doll are given from my 2 ex. Hello kitty from my first ex, and Gingerbread man from my last ex. So

" I gotta move on cause life must go on so i keep my head up and carry on and blog on B-)"

Mr. Ginger Bread with Glasses Necklace from  Adorable Projects.

sorry for this messy hair :(

and by the way, find this furry top on my mom's closet! mom's young age clothes. hihihi ;) but this furry top made my arms look so big :( isnt it? and my arms actually big :( any of you know how to make it a little bit thinner? :(

Move on. Thats what all i need. And i know i can, isn't im right?
if i'm wrong, can you please tell me what should i do? :(
who run the world? GIRLS GIRLS \m/

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


hi hi guys.
im back! and this is my Tanjung Karang trip post.
and by the way, its alr 20th of June now, it means 1 week to go to the sweet moment but in fact it will be so hurt to remember it all.

"when you around someone for so long, they become a part of you, and when they go away, you don't know who you are without them"

but as you know, live must go on, and i gotta move on.
i'll tell you in my next post about what is going on,alright?

enjoy the post (:

taken by my dad n cousin
edited by me


introduce, this is Chloe, she is my cousin.
she live in Surabaya and went to Palu for a Holiday.
isn't she cute? XD

introduce again, this is Catley, she is my cousin too.
but she live in Palu too. kekek

and they both be my Model for that day! haha XD

and introduce, this is my auntie and my uncle, they are mom's and dad's of Chloe.

do you wonder who are the guy in this picture? 
guess who! :p
right, this is my dad a.k.a my private photographer! XD

down: this is the one and only picture from my tanjung karang trip on June 3th, actually there are some other pictures that exist, but not too good, so i dont upload it ><

taken n edited by me


by the way, i've changed the banner, what do you think about my new banner?

Monday, June 18, 2012


hi hi guys!
June 16th was one of my best friend birthday named Mentari! <3
Happy birthday girl! <3
and, she made the party on 18th of June, so here some photos of us! <3

The Birthday Girl

with The Birthday Girl

above : The Birthday Girl with her boyfriend. 

C Vika, Erika , Eliz , Sing , Me

Follow us! :D <3
btw, erika got 2 phone so i wrote her name twice hehe

taken by me n my friends
edited by me

taken n edited by me


and by the way guys, i went to Tanjung Karang twice for this month haha
i'll post you about my trip to Tanjung Karang, went there on 3th of June and 17th of June.
i'll post you asap, alright?
and about my outfit post, i've taken a photoshoot last Tuesday, but, have no time to edit and upload it :(
busy for this week, but i will post it as soon as possible.
can you all wait for me? xoxo<3

Friday, June 15, 2012


hi guyssssss,
June 12th was my senior birthday! and she also my best friend named C Vika!!
Happy Birthday to ya Ceee!! (hope you seeing this)
and here are some photos of us

above: they are some friends of C Vika's

behind the scene of C Vika Surprise! 

andd, that's me!
haha, can't find any good picture of mine, just this :(