Tuesday, May 8, 2012

late late night photos

hi hi guys
can't sleep tonight :(
hmm, keep thinkin' about someone who is really special for me.
"you know what really hurts? its when someone made you feel special yesterday, but you feel that your the most stupid person today." that is what i feel right now.
hmm its been 3month after the crush but i've been keep thinkin' about it, stupid me.
remember my late late night conversation, remember how he treat me like im the only one, etc. stupid me.

so i take my camera, and start to take a shoot.
well, take a picture is one of my way to made me back on the mood again.
well, i feel better now :D

so these are my late late night photos ><
sry for missed focus photos, just use timer for this shoot ><

missed focus >< 

missed focus again ><

missed focus for the 3rd ><

missed focus for the 4th?

missed focus for the 5th!

this is the complete season, haha. 

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