Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Roses are red Violets are blue

hi guys. I'm backk!!! XD thank god, the internet in my home is already exist now! :D hihi, got a photoshoot yesterday with my friends. Thanks @Wandhot for took this lovely picture! Actually, want to take a photoshoot on the new cafe near my home, we went there at 2 and when we arrived, the cafe is close >< it open at 5 during this Ramadan month x_x we can't wait cause me and friends were so starving >< so we choose to eat at Pempek Palembang near my home too, and you know, we went the place by foot and so hot that time aaaa >< but we got a lot of fun that day! hahaha you can see our pic on instagram @priii17 (my friend instagram) or my twitter @agneskoriston, follow me! :D

And, i think this outfit is a little bit mature for my age, but just trying to be different from usually, you know, i love to be a little girl, i didn't love to wear too mature outfit, in this case, i wore a skinny jeans and match with tanktop but still have a girly and childish things like ribbon and Hello Kitty <3 i just don't know why i just can't resist hello kitty and ribbon things! <3 Got a lot stuff that using ribbon and got a lot things with Hello Kitty printed! XD  and FYI, i love Hello Kitty! <3

 I choose red for my outfit this time and mix with the blue pump cause i think Red is hot and Blue is peace, and just got the electric blue pump so i wore it. I think it will be no matter. Hihi. And when i want to choose the tittle for this post, "Roses are red Violets are blue" was immediately come into my mind. Do you know about that? Yes, "Roses are red Violets are blue" are one of famous poem this present. You can search on the google for the rest of "Roses are red Violets are blue" poems. And my favorite one is "Roses are red Violets are blue, there's only one way to say this, I Love You."

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Could it be

hi hi guys! im back!
As i told you all on my last post, that i've moved house. The internet at my new house is not installed yet :( how poor :( That's why it takes a long time to me to post again. Sorry guys :( (im at my cousin house now to borrow the connection for posting something, hihi) Enjoy the post! :D

by the way, these are the result for my last photosession with Billy! Isnt he so cute? Took these picture at June 26th, but have no time to edit it cause im so busy with moving-house-things , busy with my school especially The Student Orientation. Yes I'm Officially in Senior High School now! :D *Horayy* 

*Introduce left to right* Billy's Mom - Billy's Little Sister - Billy!

taken n edited by me


My little Niece ANGELINE is officially 1 at July 15th. So my sister and her husband made an amazing Birthday Party with ' Princess ' concept. And if you wanna see some photos of her you can check out  her photosession with me last April here Summer Paradise and Minnie Me. Here are some candid photos from my Little Niece Birthday Party. Enjoy

Here she is with her lovely Grandma.

*Look at the Birthday Cake!*

taken n edited by me

And one more Niece that Turn 1 last July 7th! <3 Here she is, my Lovely niece Levia with her mom! <3

*and her she is*

taken n edited by me

sorry guys, its not an outfit post, so busy with everything that i've mention to you all above. Got no time to take a some shoot. But i'll try to post to you all soon! <3 and got trouble with my camera. The battery is dead. Low bat all the time. Already broke maybe. Will buy the new one soon! By the way too, thanks guys for the support on my last post :') will reply it asap, cause i think i must go home after i post this, but if there's more time, i'll reply it alright! <3 and please bear with too many photos in this post hihihi x-x

Let time make it right and I wonder " Could it be "