Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summertime Sadness

I'm sorry for not posting this lately. Been busy with school stuff huhu. Time flies so fast, can't believe it almost the edge of August! Summer end so fast :( How is your summer guys? Mine is pretty cool, but i really wish i could travel back to my last year summer vacation T.T Where Payphone song by Maroon 5 was playing everywhere, ombre shorts were the trend and the memories that i could never forget. Okay, ignore my thoughts. This post taken at golf course in my town, went there while having my ed mubarak holiday. Hihi. Enjoy the post <3

And i guess summer is really over right, i know my country always have a summery weather, but i feel sad too when summer season is over like people in other country do :( and even in my country not really celebrate the summer season, i always love summer. From the new song until the new trend for fashion. Loving Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey for this summer and i guess for Summer 2013, a piece of brand tee match it with flare skirt is the number one trend. I'll show you mine version in next post!<3


Picxee's Update: It's a boy!

Current song that stuck in my head:
Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey
Treasure - Bruno Mars
#Beautiful - Mariah Carey ft Miguel

Monday, August 12, 2013


After 2 weeks of not posting, here i am posting again! Just a continuation post from my last post actually. In my last post you can see me in the same outfit but in this post i accompanied by my sister to take the shoot. A sister named Mita who own the Bunny Flogs blog. Visit her blog, maybe? xixixi

Using a different cap for the last shoot! hihihi
Okay guys i'm sorry for being such a lazy blogger. Since i have nothing to post cause getting a hair problem this lately. Cut my hair 2 weeks ago and get a really bad result for my bangs :( but it looks better now. Gonna take a shoot as soon as possible. Thanks for reading! <3

and it may be too late but better late than never right? 


Picxee's Update: Sunny Mood

Current song that stuck in my head:
Treacherous - Taylor Swift
I Love it - Icona Pop
I was here - Beyonce