Sunday, May 20, 2012

I was and will strong for ya.

hi hi guys!
if you are my follower on twitter ( @agneskoriston ) you must know that i cut my hair this thursday! :D
finally i cut it, omg so scared in the beginning, but finally i satisfied enough with the result! :D
so, these are some picture that i took yesterday.

thanks to my brother who took this picture for me XD
and thanks to my Sao" Reny for the blouse, love it! <3

Can't believe that you throw it all away,
i still cry for ya,
and i was and will strong for ya.

you know, this bracelet that i wore is my childhood bracelet, i got it from McDonald! hahah
when i was *i forget* , McDonald bonus game is all Hello kitty stuff, so my mom bought me McDonald and got all the Hello kitty stuff, from the Hello kitty Head bag, hello kitty head hairpin, hello kitty jewelry box, until hello kitty bracelet! :D
but unfortunately, i forgot where i put my hello kitty head bag :(

what do you think about my new hair? :D
hmm not really good in all these picture cause when i take a shoot, the wind is too hard :(

taken by my brother
edited by me


  1. hi! I've just started this blog: I hope you like it,
    I like the look by the way :)

  2. thanks! ^^
    well, enjoy blog-ing! :D

  3. Your hair is adorable! I love the outfit, too.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. thanks bonnie! <3
      alr follow you on twitter! do you mind to follow me back? <3

  4. In love with you top :)
    Great taste :)

    1. thanks! got it from my auntie, thank her! <3
      thnaks! <3

  5. love your new hair :) I always want long hair like yours but my hair was soooo unrully and messy ;(

    1. thanks sarahh! <3
      well, don't cut it now, let it grow long, go buy some new shampoo and conditioner which can make hair grow fast, and if it so unrully and messy, you should go to Salon, to take a hair treatment, and consult with the person who cut hair in that salon, just ask about what haircut is good for your hair, and tadaaa, here you go! <3

  6. I still in love with your hair dear! :D
    Great outfit, btw.

    Stay Pretty, Evelyn.

  7. nice outfit! very cute!! <3