Thursday, December 19, 2013

Little Things // DresSale Giveaway

A word that means a lot, memories. Some little things can brought a smile on your lips or even worst a tear from your eyes when you remember again. Memories still there even when people you know become people you knew. But, how can it be? I could never understand how quick people can change 180 degrees from what they were in the first place. Sad, angry, mad,confused, doubt at the same time. But it's life. Everyone has flaw and everything can changed. There are some things that never change and even when no one could understand, i will still be me.

Oh right, holiday is on fellas!! So, do you alr have plan for this holiday? Mine sucks, just stay at home for this holiday :( But i will never waste a holiday, will watch a lot of movie and i will make sure my self to watch it all yayy!! Andddddd Christmas is coming!! Can't believe how fast time flies! Enjoy your holiday, happy holiday guys!! <3 PS: i cut my bangs again lol :p

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Thursday, December 5, 2013


First post in December! So excited for Decemberrrr but gosh can't believe we already reached the edge of 2013, final exams is coming, holiday is coming (yay), 2014 is coming!! Okay, will having my final exam on Monday, wish me luck! For everyone who having your final exams, best luck for you!<3

A simple black and white outfit from me this time. A simple white dress pairing it with my semi-transparent cardi. Wore a black and white color shoes for add more B&W style. Last touch, using my black and white cat bag that i bought in Hongkong about 3 years ago. That's all from me now, see you after final exams aka Holiday! <3 #MuchLoveForDecember

Picxee's Update: Little Chaplin

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All Too Well

Hello guys!! It's been on the middle of November and i'm very excited for December!! Yes, holiday againn yuhuuu. Have some exams upcoming soon, lil bit scared but i know i can do it. My school will held the final exams on Dec 9th, i know it's so late right :( Maybe some of you are on your final exam now, so good luck! May you guys get best score!! :D

So, i tried to combine jeans and stripes plaid that truly is my brother's lol. He's getting fatter now so it won't fit him anymore. So i decide to make it officially mine by telling my mom that i want this stripes plaid and she say yes! Horay! hahah. Actually, this isn't really my style, i don't really like boyish style but its okay too for being boyish sometimes hihi. Wore a jeans skirt to add some chic style. I also wore this outfit to my senior mate 17th birthday dinner. It such a sweet and crazy dinner. Fulfill with tons of laugh, fun, and love :) 

Picxee's Update: Ballerina

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Hey, now I available on LookBook! :D

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who You Love

Hello everyone, sorry again for taking a while to post again. So, how's life? Me fine, nothing special. Wow, it's been November now! November, it means a month to semester 1 final exams, holidays, Christmas, and 2014!! 2013 is going to end soon oh g. How fast time flies. But here i am, i'm so ready for 2014. 2013 such a terrible year for me uhh. So many bad things happen in 2013. I don't know how many people alr made me down and feel like a trash, but i don't wanna give up. Keep fight and love everything i love. Like John Mayer and Katy Perry said "you love who you love, you can't make yourself stop dreaming who you're dreaming of, if it's who you love, then its who you love." (been repeating their song like a thousand times nowadays. Such a simple but nice song! <3)

Here we go again, at golf course again. Went there with my friends and balloons!!<3  A very simple outfit i wore that day cause i don't know what must i wore since summer is really over. But still, whole pictures look like summer, ahh endless summer, i love summer! <3 And here is a collage picture from the fun photoshoot. 

Picxee's update : Baby Ed 1st Month
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Safe & Sound

Apologizing cause my absence here, it's been a month i guess since my last post. Having much of life exams and school exams huhu. But here i am posting again! How are you guys? mine pretty much better. Nothing special since my last post until now. I really don't know what should i write for this post. Hmm, just a random quote, Cherish and enjoy every moment in your life cause life will never be the same.

applying a new shape of eyeliner for my eyes in this shoot, and using a pair of fake lashes on it. xixixi

details :)

A quick post for today, i hope you all enjoy reading this. Have a couple of upcoming post to share soon. So, till the next post!<3 Have a great weekend! :D

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Than A Memory

Hello everyone!! I'm sorry for not updating this last one month, been struggling with many exams and assignment ;( So, how's life peps? mine good! hehe. Okay, back to the post! This is my version of flare skirt that i've been mention to you all on my previous post. Pair it with comme des fuc*down tee that i bought in some random online shop hehe ;;) so, what do you think? :D

Not alone during this photoshoot, accompanied by a gorgeous best friend named Chintya!<3 She is so gorgeous right? <3 

wanna share to you all about my birthday experience yesterday :')

Just reach my 16 yesterday, and it was so so unpredictable! From the amazing wishes, greeting, my friends got mad on me, they were tweeting about me that wasn't good enough to be a friend, and they didn't even give a happy birthday to me. I thought it was the worst birthday ever! I was so sad and when night comes, my day turn into so much happier! (it still going so much happier until now) My friends sneaking to my home, cooperating with my mom and bro to make a surprise! They came to my room singing a happy birthday and bring the cake and it's really surprise me. Firstly, i thought they were truly mad on me cause it was happen since tuesday i guess, but the truth is everything just their drama to make me cry and surprise! I hate them firstly cause i think i didn't do anything so bad until they get very mad on me but after i know all the drama, I REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS!!<3 (if you reading this Pri, Irene, Wanda, Kuhu, Chintya & Mentari)

and also, thankyou everyone for the amazing wishes and greeting<3 also to Jesslyn, Lili, Erika, and Wanda, thankyou so much for the photo!<3 I LOVE YOU GUYS!<3

So, that is the pretty good memories on my birthday!<3 Thankyou for reading everyone and see you on next post!<3

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summertime Sadness

I'm sorry for not posting this lately. Been busy with school stuff huhu. Time flies so fast, can't believe it almost the edge of August! Summer end so fast :( How is your summer guys? Mine is pretty cool, but i really wish i could travel back to my last year summer vacation T.T Where Payphone song by Maroon 5 was playing everywhere, ombre shorts were the trend and the memories that i could never forget. Okay, ignore my thoughts. This post taken at golf course in my town, went there while having my ed mubarak holiday. Hihi. Enjoy the post <3

And i guess summer is really over right, i know my country always have a summery weather, but i feel sad too when summer season is over like people in other country do :( and even in my country not really celebrate the summer season, i always love summer. From the new song until the new trend for fashion. Loving Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey for this summer and i guess for Summer 2013, a piece of brand tee match it with flare skirt is the number one trend. I'll show you mine version in next post!<3


Picxee's Update: It's a boy!

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Monday, August 12, 2013


After 2 weeks of not posting, here i am posting again! Just a continuation post from my last post actually. In my last post you can see me in the same outfit but in this post i accompanied by my sister to take the shoot. A sister named Mita who own the Bunny Flogs blog. Visit her blog, maybe? xixixi

Using a different cap for the last shoot! hihihi
Okay guys i'm sorry for being such a lazy blogger. Since i have nothing to post cause getting a hair problem this lately. Cut my hair 2 weeks ago and get a really bad result for my bangs :( but it looks better now. Gonna take a shoot as soon as possible. Thanks for reading! <3

and it may be too late but better late than never right? 


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Monday, July 22, 2013

Never Should Have

Firstly, i'm so sorry for taking a while to post again. Got many activities on the last week of holiday and first week of school. Yeah, holiday is really end right now :( Back at school again with new class, new schedule, and some new teacher. Taking Science for my subject in high school. I wish everything will be just fine. How about you guys? Do some of you are in grade 11 now? What subject you're taking? hehe :p

Well, got some squally photosession with my sister a few weeks ago when it still holiday. My sister got nothing to do so she ask me to get some make up and do some photoshoot. She did the make up for me hehe. I feel so different when the make up was done @@ So, how it looks? i guess not too bad la hehehe or bad? and pardon my outfit >< didn't bring any outfit to my sister home and just wore some daily outfit :|

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Other Side

Hello July! Hello folks! Sorry for takes a long time to post again, get some photographer problem here lol. Yeah since we still in holiday season, my personal photographer aka my brother, usually go out with his friends so can't took a shot while his out huhu. Fortunately, my friends came to my home a weeks ago and we took a photosession that day. Thanks to Shenny who took these beautiful pictures<3 

Still in holiday season but in a week will back to school again :( how fast time flies huhu. My activities now just hanging out with my friends sometimes, go to my sister's home and playing with my niece, and staying at home is not a really bad choice for holiday. Gain some weight this lately :( how can i not gain weight when my habit now just like wake up, eat, watch movies, eat, browsing, eat, sleep, wake up, eat, and goes on and on when im home. I guess gain weight is everybody's problem when holiday came, especially for those who spend their holiday at home lol. How about you? How about you all activities in this holiday? Do you gain some weight too in this holiday? lol ;p

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tell me how

Hello folks, its me again. Well, today is the last day in June. Tomorrow will be the 7th month of 2013. How fast time flies. Since we still in holiday season, post some photos when having a short holiday with my fam. Not much but not least absolutely. So, how is your holiday everyone? Well, i enjoy my holiday eventhough just staying at home. The only reason why i enjoy holiday so much cause don't need to get up earlier. Hahaha yes im not that morning person. How about you? Enjoy holiday yet?

Got really confused this week. I really don't understand my self. Well, do you ever feel really wanna give up but still hold on and you hold on to it even tighter? That's what happen now. I just really don't know how to make all the things work nowadays. Do nothing so far. Can you tell me how, the angel from my nightmare?

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