Monday, July 22, 2013

Never Should Have

Firstly, i'm so sorry for taking a while to post again. Got many activities on the last week of holiday and first week of school. Yeah, holiday is really end right now :( Back at school again with new class, new schedule, and some new teacher. Taking Science for my subject in high school. I wish everything will be just fine. How about you guys? Do some of you are in grade 11 now? What subject you're taking? hehe :p

Well, got some squally photosession with my sister a few weeks ago when it still holiday. My sister got nothing to do so she ask me to get some make up and do some photoshoot. She did the make up for me hehe. I feel so different when the make up was done @@ So, how it looks? i guess not too bad la hehehe or bad? and pardon my outfit >< didn't bring any outfit to my sister home and just wore some daily outfit :|

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Other Side

Hello July! Hello folks! Sorry for takes a long time to post again, get some photographer problem here lol. Yeah since we still in holiday season, my personal photographer aka my brother, usually go out with his friends so can't took a shot while his out huhu. Fortunately, my friends came to my home a weeks ago and we took a photosession that day. Thanks to Shenny who took these beautiful pictures<3 

Still in holiday season but in a week will back to school again :( how fast time flies huhu. My activities now just hanging out with my friends sometimes, go to my sister's home and playing with my niece, and staying at home is not a really bad choice for holiday. Gain some weight this lately :( how can i not gain weight when my habit now just like wake up, eat, watch movies, eat, browsing, eat, sleep, wake up, eat, and goes on and on when im home. I guess gain weight is everybody's problem when holiday came, especially for those who spend their holiday at home lol. How about you? How about you all activities in this holiday? Do you gain some weight too in this holiday? lol ;p

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The Other Side - Jason Derulo
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