Friday, September 28, 2012

Love Suicide

So, i know its been a week from my last post, so sorry for late posting x( have so much activities now, so tired :( went to Merilon Plaza and Chinatown for Singapore day4. Don't have much photos to post with my Singapore day4, cause when went to Merilon Plaza, its raining :( so can't take more photos. And just shopping and eating till die at the Chinatown! I swear the food was so yummy!!! <3

yeah, Sept 19th was my birthday, such a beautiful one but fully of tears too, i just don't know i don't feel happy at all this time, i just wish i could turn the hour hand back to last year. Felt so different, something lose now. Yeah you all may know that i lose something that i can't replace, i lose him. And by the way, my friend gift this rainbow cake to me, thanks to you Pri <3

and the picture above is when i held a little BBQ party at my home that day on my birthday, thanks guys for coming <3 and thanks too for all the best greeting and wishes through bbm, twitter, fb, etc. Wish getting better on this new age. And TGIFifteen <3 
"even not happy at all, its okay, try to be strong, big girl do cry, gonna live my life, and i'm the woman who can't be moved."

okay guys, like ive mention to you all, these are some result from my photosession with my niece a couple week ago, you all may already know her maybe, yeah, she just too cute to not picture her! and this is the 3rd  photosession that i took with her, the first is Minnie Me and the second is Summer Paradise. Check it out! <3

and behind my lil cute niece, she is the person behind the scene who have a great job in every photosesion that im having with my niece, yes she is my niece mom aka my sister! hihihi. Named Ching" and i usually call her Ce Ching". These are some photos of her that i took at her bedroom. <3

" it was stupid of me to think that i was enough, I'm all out of tears. Love suicide"
-Love suicide - Ester Dean ft Chris Brown 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Best Thing I Never Had

School Project, scroll down to look more
 These are some snaps that i took on my holiday, Singapore day 3. Went to the Maritime Experiential Museum and Vivo city.  And Scroll down to see my School Project.

Vintage Market

like i've mention before, these are some snap that i took when having my school project with friends.

talent : Reka & Agnes Kuhu
MU : Chintya & Lisya
Photo by : Agnes Koriston & Chintya
Edited: Agnes Koriston

and the last are some snap that Agnes Kuhu took for me, thank her! sorry for the messy face, hihihi. And do you know Sunshine Become You novel? A novel by Illana Tan and you all must read that! such an amazing love story, love all Illana Tan work! Maybe you all alr know this book, yes the book alr launch at Feb, alr finished read it on Feb too! hihihi

Sept 19th was my birthday, TGIFifteen! <3 and Thanks all for the greeting through bbm, message, fb, and twitter. And thanks for my friends for the Rainbow cake, BBQ party, and The pink bear doll! Up coming post about my birthday, Singapore photodiary day 4, and some pictures that i took last Sunday with my niece Angeline and her mom. Wait me! <3

Best Thing I Never Had - Beyonce. I know its an old song, but kinda love it right know, keep play it over and over again. And sometimes, you need to understand life, get what you don't want and want what you can't get. And i can't have you, my best thing i never had.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Just Believe (Singapore photodiary day2)

hey guys, got a lot activities now, kinda a busy life, yes school kids life hihihi. but i try to enjoy every single thing that happen cause without you know, things are getting better and better and better even sometimes bad happen. Just believe <3

and these are some photos from my holiday day2, enjoyed x]

guess what ice cream is this?! (left a comment with your first guessing of this ice cream) maybe you all think that this is vanilla choco or vanilla or something, but this is mint! the taste is like a mentos candy in indonesia. Band & Jerry become my number 1 top ice cream. hihihi. i've already taste the mint, biscuit, vanilla(twice),  strawberry cheesecake, etc. And my fave goes to Strawberry Cheesecake yumm!! lemme tell you about the strawberry cheesecake flavour. The Strawberry flavour is so dominant here, but still, there are some piece of  freezing cheesecake and the ice cream color is still white! but with some pink-pink polkadot color. So interesting and yall must taste it! <3 unfortunately band&jerry doesn't exist in Indonesia x( 

cousins madness

after having a great day at USS, went to Malaysian Food Street, the food was sooo yummm, i just so hungry that time until forget to take a shoot for the food, but all i can say is YUMMY. And the place is look alike with the street, only the transport doesn't exist here :p

time for teaser teaser, teaser for day 3 and added some photos from my project for school assignment, wait me! <3

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summer Love (Singapore photodiary day1)

hi guyssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!! I know i know, its been September this lately! <3 Omg totally love this month <3 and i know i know summer is almost end, and already end maybe, aaaaa can't let summer go away :( even in my city is not really celebrate the summer, but i love the summer spirit, from the new songs that already came out, the new trend for fashion, etc. And my fave song for this summer is Good Time by Owl City ft Carly Rae Jepsen, y'all must heard that song! and fave trend for fashion for this summer is, ombre short XD, even didn't have one till now, still looking for the short that will make my heart fall in love :p  and fave moment, swimming at the Marina Bay Sands sky park and see the Singapore view from above <3 what a life and this is life.......

and right, sorry for taking a long time to post again, as you know, got a camping from school program, and right got another camp called "Hari Pendalaman Dhamma" for the Buddhist. (Yes, I'm a Buddhist!) and got some test last week ;( you can see how tired i am. But over all, I ENJOYED MY LIFE AND THE SUMMER <3

taken in the airplane

cousin at the Changi Airport, sorry for the unfocus pict.

aunt & cousin at the Changi Airport, sorry for the unfocus pict.

Festive Hotel

take some quick photoshoot before leaving surabaya and these are the result, not to good but okay. hihihihi. And yes, for this Journey, accompanied by my kitty backpack, my navy airways, and my bow slippers.

i know you all must know where i go after looking the sneak peak, okay time for the sneak peak day 2! wait mee <3