Friday, April 26, 2013


Hello hello guys, how's life? mine just fine. Just recover from fever a couple days ago and still got sore throat now :( And, i'm already back to school now, i want more holiday huhu T.T But, each day will never be the same so enjoy every single day that you have on your life even it become a bad or good day, and sooner or latter, it will become an experience for your life. Hehe.

I don't know where did i get this idea to match the outfit. I just remember that i got a London top from my sister and i grab it, mix and match with everything and walaaa, this is it. Well, UK's flag logo become a trend a couple months ago and i just match the outfit today i guess its a lil bit late to wear Union Jack outfit but it's ok. As long as it looks good heheh :p This shoot above taken by mom hihi and see guys, my fringe is alr quite long. So, what do you think about my long fringe? :p

Got these 2 peace bracelet from Echantique Shop at twitter. Its really cute and cheap. You should have one! They sell many handmade and cute things. There's also Eiffel bracelet, Dream catcher necklace, another peace bracelet design, etc. Follow their twitter @Echantique97. And will post about my photoshoot with my client asap, i know i promise you to post it on my newest post but it will be a lil bit late so i want to apologize about that. I promise you it will be on my next post okay<3 Happy Friday night and Weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Don't you worry, child.

Hello everyone. I know its been a while since my last post. I'm so sorry for not updating my blog about a month. Yeah, too many activities made me like this huhu. But, I'm in a long holiday now. Got 9days free from school because all the 12th grader are taking their last exam, yes National Exams. And you know, National exam should only held about 4 days but its different this year. In Indonesia, there are about 11 province which must pending their National exams, to my knowledge it's because the exam manuscript are not arrived yet on each province. So it means, 10th and 11th grader got a longer holiday then. Good luck for every 12th grader out there, believe that you all will pass it with good score, may God Bless you all! o:)

Well guys, problem easy come and hard to go. Yeah i believe there's no one had no problem in his/her life. I know there isn't a perfect life. And i believe run from a problem is never be a good solution. A problem will be solved if you brave enough to speak, to try, to let go, to take a chance and start something new. But the only matter is, you don't have that courage and in one point, you are afraid to get hurt, again. I used to remember everything in every night. Do you ever told your self some nights to stop think and forget everything and in the next day you still remember even worse? Well, i do. The only life saver that you have is  only you. You got so much choices in this life. So now, make a choice, take a chance, and make a better change. Praying and believing are things that always keep your spirit up. And like SHM'S song, Don't you worry, child. See heaven's got a plan for you. 

*Current song that stuck in my head: SHM - Don't you worry, child. 
A rocket to the moon - Like we used too

And for the outfit, just match my mom's top (again) with my bodycon skirt given by my sister hehe. And by the way guys, the photos are taken around February. I'm so sorry i still don't find a time to take a photoshoot again, but i will find that time<3 and by the way again, my fringe is longer now, so it become side ponytail, will take a photoshoot again asap!<3 And for daily update, follow my twitter @agneskoriston. I used to upload my recent picture there too. Hehehe

Up coming post: A photosession with my client. A lil bit sneak peak, black&white. See you in the next post guys!
*For 2 person that means a lot to me, a friend and a bf , i miss how we used to be