Saturday, March 16, 2013

I don't wanna miss a thing

Hello, guys. How's life guys? Me just like usually, many activities, homeworks, etc. I don't really know what should i write tonight. I just miss someone tonight. Someone who really mean much for me. Someone who always on my mind. Someone who is never really left from me although the reality deny me. Just watched one of the 10 finalists from X Factor Indonesia sing I don't wanna miss a thing by aerosmith and it remind me again of someone who i miss. I wish things can be like we used to be, but, and again, reality deny me. It's been quite a long time since the crush but i don't know why i still stuck in the same reason. I know i shouldn't be like this but i just can't resist this feeling. and I'm sorry. So, all i'm gonna do right now is letting everything flow like it should be. Keep calm and believe. 

Oh right, an outfit post finally :p Actually, this photoshoot was taken on last decemeber. Thanks to my best friend Jesslyn for taking this great photos for me! <3 And maybe you should check out my photosession with her too :p Having 2 photosession with her and already post it on my blog. Need you now and Woman Nature .

And today is TGIF! <3 i wish you all have a great Friday. Have a really great weekend everybody! <3

Friday, March 8, 2013

Women Nature

First of all, i want to apology for my long absence from this blog atmosphere. I was so busy with school, homework, exams, and my daily activities. And a couple weeks ago my school OSIS held an event which called KBC ( Kardip Basketball Competition ) where i'm one of the committee for the event. This event took my time a lot. After back home from school, spend 1-2 hours at home and then back to school again and back home at 10pm. I was be in charge in scoring part. I also helped by my senior to do this part. It was very very tiring but also fun as much as it tiring! i also got some new friends from this event and I'm probably missing KBC so much right now :( Ok, back to our post for today now! <3

Today post is about my portfolio again. A photoshoot took in December 2012 with my best friend Jesslyn during her holiday in Palu. I'm sorry for post this really late and especially to Jesslyn for waiting too long for this photos show up :( I just really tired with things that going on nowadays but i will try my best! 

In the beginning of all i really don't have any idea what tittle that i must choose for this post. And suddenly Women Nature comes up on my mind. Women Nature is about how a women could be like. The very first thing that all women have is beauty. Every women has their own beauty. 2nd thing that you must know about women is moody. Don't ever try to mess up with a women that not-in-the-mood. And sometimes they like to be alone and sink in her own world when she was not-in-the-mood. For the 3rd, women can be so dumb while she was in love. And the 4th, women likes shopping. Women loves loves shopping very much. Finally for the 5th, no one can ever compete with women care personality. Even they seems not really care, but in their heart, they really care.

So that's all about my opinion with Women Nature and i guess its really match with the photos that i took. I hope you all enjoy this post. Will reply you all comment tonight while watching X Factor Indonesia :p How about you guys? I suggest you to watch X Factor Indonesia too, all the contestant have a really amazing voice. You can watch it on Youtube too. And will post some outfit post later. Have a really comfort Friday night everybody! xx<3

Talent : Jesslyn Sunyoto
Photograph : Agnes Koriston
Edit : Agnes Koriston

For all women in the world:
I'm so proud to be a women<3