Sunday, May 27, 2012

I won't give up

hi hi guys!
yesterday was my cousin's Birthday,
so i took a shoot before going to her party, and these are the result.

and thanks to my niece who took this lovely pic for me XD

I won't give up.

do you remember this bracelet? i'm kinda love it! haha
i alr told you that i wore this outfit to my cousin's birthday, and she just 10, so i try to look more childish! hahah
so i wore my childhood bracelet, and my minnie mouse shoes! 
i still remember i bought this shoes when i was 6th grade! and now im going to 10th grade, and still fit on my feet! hahah
and for the bag, i bought it at Hongkong when i went there on Dec 2010.

taken by my niece
edited by me

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I was and will strong for ya.

hi hi guys!
if you are my follower on twitter ( @agneskoriston ) you must know that i cut my hair this thursday! :D
finally i cut it, omg so scared in the beginning, but finally i satisfied enough with the result! :D
so, these are some picture that i took yesterday.

thanks to my brother who took this picture for me XD
and thanks to my Sao" Reny for the blouse, love it! <3

Can't believe that you throw it all away,
i still cry for ya,
and i was and will strong for ya.

you know, this bracelet that i wore is my childhood bracelet, i got it from McDonald! hahah
when i was *i forget* , McDonald bonus game is all Hello kitty stuff, so my mom bought me McDonald and got all the Hello kitty stuff, from the Hello kitty Head bag, hello kitty head hairpin, hello kitty jewelry box, until hello kitty bracelet! :D
but unfortunately, i forgot where i put my hello kitty head bag :(

what do you think about my new hair? :D
hmm not really good in all these picture cause when i take a shoot, the wind is too hard :(

taken by my brother
edited by me

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fickle Heart.

hi hi guys.
having some photoshoot yesterday :D
thanks to Chintya Jessie who took this amazing picture for me! XD
and thanks for the hair do too! XD

and these are the result.

taken by Chintya Jessie
edited by Me

Daily activities.

hi hi guys.
this is my 18th photoshoot, 19th actually, got photoshoot yesterday with my friend, post you later! :D
thanks to my little nephew Alvarooo! XD
and thanks for sao" Reny for helping me to shoot him! XD

isn't he so cute?! XD
and you know, he just around 1 going to 2! :D

so, having fun while doing this photoshoot.
it's Daily Activities.
go to bath, change clothes while playing with friends, calling some friends, eat, study, than go to court for a football, go home, and praying.

taken n edited by me


hi hi guys.
yesterday i went to Ko Jordy's birthday party, ko Jordy is Wanda's boyfriend, i went there to accompany her, Chintya also join us.
happy birthday to ya ko Jordy! Wanda will always love you :p
so these are some photos taken by ko Jordy.

PS: all this people is ko Jordy's friends.

left to right : ko Jordy, Wanda , Chintya