Thursday, May 3, 2012

ga ada Lo ga rame

hi hi guys.
omg almost forget my blog email today ><
but, at last i remember it hahahaha
thanks god :')

yesterday, i went out with my friends.
with C vika, Jesslyn, Erika, Mentari n Eliz XD
we went to mall, coffee toffee, and kebabbbbb!!
Thanks guys for yesterday XD

we took a pic there, enjoyed :}

when i get there, i met Karen yey! XD
all this time, we spent with bbm-ing, and in the end we met haha,
she live at malang now, cause she studied there, she came to palu for her holiday and go to her hometown exactly (Donggala)
she was so pretty! 
ntmy again Karen!!XD
and welcome to Palu :p

hihihi, sry guys, while i'm editing all this picture, i take a snap , and this is the result:

taken by c phika, tari, erika, and me.
edited by me

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