Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tell me how

Hello folks, its me again. Well, today is the last day in June. Tomorrow will be the 7th month of 2013. How fast time flies. Since we still in holiday season, post some photos when having a short holiday with my fam. Not much but not least absolutely. So, how is your holiday everyone? Well, i enjoy my holiday eventhough just staying at home. The only reason why i enjoy holiday so much cause don't need to get up earlier. Hahaha yes im not that morning person. How about you? Enjoy holiday yet?

Got really confused this week. I really don't understand my self. Well, do you ever feel really wanna give up but still hold on and you hold on to it even tighter? That's what happen now. I just really don't know how to make all the things work nowadays. Do nothing so far. Can you tell me how, the angel from my nightmare?

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Current song that stuck in my mind:
How a Heart Breaks - Drew Seeley
Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin' On

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ooh La La

HOLIDAY IS HERE EVERYONE! Final exams already over since last week, i'm sorry for not posting something this long, well, holiday made me so lazy lol. Spend my holiday in front of the TV or Laptop to watch so many movies and Tv Series hehe. Don't know how many movies i've watched so far and it will gain more movies until holiday over. Happy Holiday for all of you who having a vacation, i guess that i'm pretty envy-ing you :( And since i have nothing to post, here are some treats for all of you, enjoy my random shots!<3

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Been addicted with Britney Spears' song this lately titled "Ooh La La". It such a cute and awesome song. You should download it! hihi. By the way, please kindly check my sister blog Bunny Flogs. She got so many story that could make you laugh. So visit the blog now :D Happy Hols everyone!<3

Current songs that stuck on my head:
Ooh La La - Britney Spears
The Scientist - Glee
Try With Me - Nicole Scherzinger

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Unspeakable feelings

Hey hey. Here are some photos that i told you about at the previous post. Still in the same outfit with the previous post but different place. Took these photos at Skate area near my house. This Skate area have a really great gravity painting. As you know some people thinks that gravity painting are annoying and wreck the environment but not for me. I love gravity paintings. It takes a lot of talent and creativity to make one. I've watched some people make gravity paintings once, and it looks so easy but i know it was hard! And for me, gravity paintings are beautiful. As long as it takes the right place to paint it. :)

Time flies so fast, couldn't believe we are in the middle of 2013 now. Yeah, Hello June. I wish things could be great this month. I wish things could be like last year. I don't know what must i do nowadays. My feelings is so not right. Everything is ain't right. Too many unspeakable feelings. I wish things will be better then. Oh and i'm in my final exams now huhu :( Just done 2days of final exams and there's still 6days of final exams await me ahead. Wish me luck guys! I'll see you next week after the final exams. Promise to post! <3

Current songs that stuck in my head:
One Last Cry - Brian McKnight
Two Pieces - Demi Lovato
Miss You - Blink 182


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