Saturday, October 19, 2013

Safe & Sound

Apologizing cause my absence here, it's been a month i guess since my last post. Having much of life exams and school exams huhu. But here i am posting again! How are you guys? mine pretty much better. Nothing special since my last post until now. I really don't know what should i write for this post. Hmm, just a random quote, Cherish and enjoy every moment in your life cause life will never be the same.

applying a new shape of eyeliner for my eyes in this shoot, and using a pair of fake lashes on it. xixixi

details :)

A quick post for today, i hope you all enjoy reading this. Have a couple of upcoming post to share soon. So, till the next post!<3 Have a great weekend! :D

Current song that stuck in my head:
Safe & Sound - Capital Cities
Time of Your Life - Greenday