Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summer Paradise

this is my 15th photoshoot.
and this is my 3rd indoor photoshoot.
thanks to Cc ching" , kuku Ching, and sus XD
and especially thanks to my little niece Angeline!! XD
she's so lovely, isnt she?

this is my favorite hahahah

taken n edited by me

Red Polkadot

hi hi
this is my 14th photoshoot.
thanks to Wanda for trusting me to shoot you XD
and btw, this is my 2nd indoor photoshoot.
hmm can't wait to show you all!!
and here it is ...

Red Polkadot

taken n edited by me

Saturday, April 28, 2012

IX A-B-C 2009/2012

hi hi
long time no posting, sorry, got my final national exams last week,
made me so tired, and wish all the best for the result.

and, on this monday, we want to make a farewell party, aw :(
gonna miss you friends,
so we take a snap with teachers
in this pictures, also many of them late, and dont come to take a snap, so, we uncompleted.
these are our photos, where pictures will always make you remember :) -AgnesK

taken by Pak Haerul, Pak Edi , me
edited by me

Sunday, April 22, 2012

We are Teen.

Wanda and Me.
we are TEEN, young, wild, and narcissistic!

taken by timer *tictoctictoc*
edited by me


this is my 5th photosession.
thanks for Wandaa who took this pictures XD

wear my stripes shirt and stripes short and my blue pump.
isn't it cute?

btw, about the pump, its handmade! :D
made by order, so you can adjust with your size!
bought it at Pink Locomote O'shop

hm a lil bit different here? 

taken by Wanda Feybe
edited by me

Thursday, April 19, 2012


hi hi
this is my 4th photosession
thanks for my little brother who took this for me. XD

today i braid my hair.
what do you think?


i get dilemma for this 2 picture, idk which better, what do you think? which is better ? up or down ?

taken by my brother 
edited by me


hi hii.
this is my 13rd photoshoot.
thanks for my cousin , Mitha for being my model XD
and this is my first indoor photoshoot.
still learning for shoot indoor.
hope you like it :)

taken n edited by me