Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hold on

hey guys, it's been a while since my last post  i know :( sorry for that, just don't have any free time to post something :( and today i manage to update my blog, even don't have any good post to post. Just some quick photoshoot by the timer -,- hahaha. Yes, i have a outdoor photoshoot too last saturday with my brother, but the result are so bad, the light was too bright and my eyes look like a horizontal stripe! how embarrasse -,-

As you guys see, i changed my banner again. I just want something new from my blog, and i think that my old banner is kinda not good. hahaha. And again guys, almost reach the edge of November and December coming so soon. I just don't know i just can't let everything go. When you need to move on but you just want to be on his side, don't want him go, make him laugh, the reason of his smile, and to be only with him. I wish life would just give us a chance. But no, life don't say so. And i just want to hold on to the memories. Seems like only they who left for me.


and these 2 picture above and 1 down are the result from my photoshoot with my lil niece last sunday! Isn't she so cute??? Yes she is <3<3 wearing her wig headband :p and you know, took these picture just maybe 5-10 minutes from the beginning she wear the headband! She doesn't really like to wear it idk why x-x. Okay, its time for me to reply all ur comment on the post previous. Have a great weekend! <3

Friday, November 2, 2012

Roots before Branches

It's November already! time flies so fast, December getting closer, final exam getting closer too and holiday soon after that yey! yeah, maybe some of you who alr read my previous post know that i am 'galau' but this is life. Accept what i get and keep carry on. I know i shouldn't be like this, but it just me :( just another girl who have their teenage life, yeah 'Galau' is one of the most popular trend for teenage nowadays. It's kinda funny, but real!

Have you all watch the glee season 3? yeah i know im kinda late 'cause didn't have the channel TV for glee movie :( so must buy the CD and can watch it. Alr finished watch it and aaaawww for the first time i cry for glee :( 3times ;'( you all must watch it, the most sadness part of all is the finale episode, when Fin and Rachel was supposed to be married but Fin decided to broke up cause the distance that Fin will take the Military and Rachel will go to NY, and they sing the Roots before Branches by Room for Two for the ending. I couldn't help this feeling. I never cry for a movie actually, but i can cry when the story was same with what happen to my life. Yeah, leaving the one who i love the most cause something that we both can't do anything.  And you all should hear that Roots before Branches by Glee!

and these are some photos that i took for my friends. And thanks for the girl who wear stripes dress named Wanda who took the shots for me! <3 and, introduce, the girl who wear black dress named Irene and the girl with the doll named Agnes too, Agnes Kuhu exactly. Missed Pri in this shot, she came late and the sun is goes down so can't take any outdoor shot :( Maybe next time. And yeah, my friends and i plan a photoshoot later, still looking for a concept and perfect time to shot. See ya on my next post! Doing nothing for this friday night and no exam tomorrow yey! so will reply all your comment tonight, sooooo Happy Friday Night TGIF! <3

" There's always a seed before there's a rose The more that it rains The more i will grow The wind can come and do its best Blow me north and south east and west but i'll still be standing I gotta have Roots before Branches "
Glee - Roots before Branches