Thursday, December 27, 2012

Never knew i needed

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I know its late but merry Christmas to everybody who celebrate it! <3 yea i know i'm not a christian but i feel so excited too when christmas came. Hahaha. Yes i'm a buddhist, one more fact about me. hihihi. Okay guys, i know its been so long from my last post and im sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :'( been busy with my final exam that takes a week. and been busy cause before the final exam week, there was so many exam called Ulangan Harian that held a week before final exam. :| how come aaaa, 2 weeks full of exam :( well, its alr passed. thanks god hahaha. Oh yea, last week was my cousin sis engagement party. been busy cause the party too x_x And it's holiday guyss oh how happy i ammmmmmmmmm :') but not really, just feel the same, but with no stressing about school exactly. hihihi. OK Enough with my personal life. Let's back to our talk. I've been mention to you all about my 2nd portfolio that i made with a help from my friend, and here is it ... 

This is a story about a girl who having fun with her life and suddenly in love and feeling crazy about it. Can't stop thinking about him and then they together but in the middle she got doubt about everything cause a thing that everybody can't understand well. Well, she don't know too but she must decide. So she decide to go, but then everything turn out not like she thought. Then she realize that never knew she needed him. She loves him so much and keep thinking about him. And they back together in the end. Love will always find it way back. Never knew i needed.

Talent: Agnes Anastasya Kuhu
Photograph : Agnes Koriston
Stylish : Agnes Koriston
Based on true story. (but have edited the end of the story)

Okay guys that was about my 2nd portfolio. Actually, i really confused to find the right words to make it. Cause i guess the photos just not enough. Yeah we do the photoshoot in a rush cause the sun just want to go down :( but i made it! tadaaaaaaaaaaaa, hahahaha. Okay, about the story, based on true story too. About my another best friend love life, but i edited it a lil bit. I edited the ending hehehe. Well, they still not together now but still love each other and try to find the way to make everything right. God bless them! <3

and here some photos of mine that my best friend, Wanda, took for me <3 thank her! <3

Well, if you follow me on twitter, you know that i've cut my hair shorter than before :'( i cut it cause it just fall extremely and i guess i will bald if i don't cut it >< so i cut it >< and now, i'm kinda love my new hair hihhii, photos coming up soon! <3 And great news!! <3 This morning i've done a photosession with my best friend Jesslyn! Yeah she back in town at December 15th. She will go back to Surabaya soon :( so we decide to take a photosession this morning and everything was great! Coming up my 3rd portfolio! <3 Adios folks! <3 Peace out!


  1. love the outfit from the first pic! adore those colors :)


  2. great outfits and photos! so young and already so stylish, that's cute:)

  3. Lovely blog ! I like your flare top and flare skirt ! And the blue heels to <3 following you now :)

  4. super love your skirt <3

  5. makin lama makiin ketjeee ajaa siiiiih >_<
    ahhahaa, suka bgt sm rok mu disini :)
    merry belated christmas yaaa! and HNY 2013 too
    wish you a great year ahead <3

    keep in touch,

  6. nice look!
    perhaps we can follow each other?

    i nominated you on liebster award
    go and check it