Friday, December 7, 2012

Extraordinary Christmas

Hey guys! How you all doin? Enjoying holiday or still suffer in exam? Me, still waiting for the exam that held this Monday! :( Okay this is the photosession that i've mention to y'all on my last post. This is the photosession that i took on Wednesday with my friends. There is still 1 more portfolio i make. It means i have 2 photosession yesterday! :p Okay back to the portfolio.
The day we met, i know i'm falling. Your eyes, your smile, means the world to me. I was not looking but you turned into everything i looking for. Actually, we have alr met before. But i know that there's something different right now. And yeah, it called 'Love'.

I'm doubt with this feeling firstly. But with time goes by, i know that this feeling is grow day by day. And Christmas getting closer. All i want is you right now. I wish you have the same feelings with me too. Nothings can replace you. You turn to be everything i want. Only you. All i want for Christmas is you, my Extraordinary Christmas.

try to make it look snowing, isn't it good or bad? x_x

Based on true love story. Inspire from my best friend love life.
Photograph : Agnes Koriston
Talent : Wanda Feybe
MU & Stylish : Agnes Koriston
Okay guys that is my portfolio for today! <3 Hope you all like it. I know the background is not really help. But i wish its okay! <3 i've tried my best and promise to do more best! <3 hahaha and about the story, its a true story you know! hahahah happened in my best friends love life. I hope she and he can be together this christmas!

" Know or not, good or bad, being loved or to love, as long as you love someone, it will goes on and on. Even you say you're not loving anymore, at least you still care. Love never fail. Human does." - Agnes Koriston
Teaser 1 for next post.
okay guys, it's all for today. Will be back with my 2nd Portfolio, and my next outfit photos :p have a really nice Friday night everybody! <3


  1. looks like your teaser is really tempting to read :)

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  2. I had my romantic Christmas years ago, such beautiful a season to remember.
    Cute head piece

    1. rightt!! <3 everybody have their own memories in christmas <3
      its my friend's wkwkwk ;;)

  3. Wow the #4 photo look like snowing ^^ Niceee photoshoot:))


  4. love her red polka top!

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    Missing Bee

  5. aaah you're so adorable <333
    i love those pics especially with the snow effect.
    xmas will soming soon and you picked the best outfit :)

  6. You look really cute! I am a new follower, I hope you will follow me back.

  7. really like your polkadot top <3 amazing style !

  8. Really nice outfit:) if you want go to my blog:)

  9. You look like lil cute santa!
    love it much

  10. You look super fab!

    Mind to follow each other?

    jessie xx

  11. Ooo, I love the way you add those snowy effects! :D


  12. nice pics. so classy ;) you're talented..