Friday, January 4, 2013

Beautiful Goodbye

Firstly, i want to say Happy New Year 2013 to you all! <3 Its crazy how fast time flies, isn't it? well, how about your holiday? Have fun right? i wish you all have a lot of fun and a lot of love in this Christmas and New year holiday! <3 well, about my holiday, just staying at hometown, hanging out with beloved family and  dearest friends, eating, having a photosession, etc. About 2012, it such an unforgettable year for me. Started 2012 with happiness, then broke up with someone, scared to death cause faced the national exam, after national exam finished got my 10-nonstop-hanging-out-days with friends until don't know what must to wear, officially graduated from junior high school, a boring 2 months holiday but still love holiday, have a really sad  day but become a happy day, moved to my new house, joined senior high school, got travel to one of my fav place to visit or Singapore, officially 15th and officially nothing that day, missing someone a lot this year, got all my big family in town this december but there is my cousin who still in surabaya cause his illness i hope the best for you my pio get well soon we all love you and you know he just still 2 yo :( , and finally close my 2012 with a smile in my lips and a tear in my eyes. Thanks 2012. How about your 2012?

And right people, we all have been in 2013 this lately, we passed 2012, and we passed Dec 21th 2012 that issue gonna be a doomsday. See, nothing happen. I dont believe with something like that haha. But this is something that i believe, holiday almost over and Jan 7th 2013 will be a big doomsday in my world :'( yeah back to school such a big doomsday :( do you feel the same with me? oh really, i don't want this holiday overrrrrrr :( 

Picture above are a quick photoshoot with my camera timer! hahaha well not bad at all right? :p oh right, if you follow me on twitter, you all must know that i cut my hair a couple weeks ago. Well, this is the result. What do you think? :p and sorry for not looking to the camera, my bangs alr grow so it cover up my eyes -.- 

well, introducing to you all my new niece born Sept 20th 2012 a day after my birthday and she just back in town! <3 born in surabaya and for the first time be in palu this december. Having a photosession with her when i was sleepover at her home, she is so sweet, cute, love watching tv :|, and talkative too! hahaha. Maybe she is not in the mood when we taking a photoshoot, pouty and pouty, but in the end her mother and i success made her smile at least for 2-5minutes hahaha. Enjoy :3

Okay guys, thats all from me tonight. And if you follow me on twitter you must know that my best friend, Jesslyn, just back in town for this holiday! Having a photosession with her twice in this holiday. Photos upcoming. Wait for me guys! Have a really nice Friday night everybody. Have a great 2013! Goodnight! <3
Thanks 2012, through the bad and good times, it will be and always be the best memories. Beautiful Goodbye. " - Agnes Koriston

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    your hat is super adorable :D
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