Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wherever i go

since Sunday be a very boring day to me and since i have nothing to post, it such a very bad day to meeeeeee :( yeah maybe some of you are enjoying your freedom right now, or maybe some of you are studying now for the final exam tomorrow, but it's not both me :( my final exam is not coming yet and maybe some of you suggest me to go studying cause the final exam will coming, but yeah you know i can't resist this lazy feeling that lay on my heart aaaaaa. Yep, you can say that i'm typical a student who study only if i have a test tomorrow :p *ssstttt* Suddenly i remember, that i have 2 award that i'm not answer it yet since they gave it to me im sorry my bad :( okay, i guess today is a perfect day to answer it! <3
Thankyou for Jessica Ane from Taken by Surprise that already gave the Liebster award for me <3 and thankyou for Ruby and Rosa from Ruby and Rosa that already gave The Versatile Blogger award for me <3 It such an honor to accept these award <3 so, the Liebster award ask to post 11 things about your self and The Versatile Blogger award ask to post 7 things about yourself. So i'll just mix it up! :D
11 things about my self :
- Love to grab a photo and to be the talent too.
- Love food as much i love my self! Spent my money more in food than others ><
- Number one dream to be a success woman in career
- A insomnia girl some nights, usually a stomachache girl, a huge dreamer girl.
- A chubby *>.<*, 147cm, 41 kilos, and long black-brown hair girl.
- Adore fashion so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
- Music is one of the most influential things in my world
- Can't sing but love to sing
- Forever Cody Simpson's! <3
- Dreaming to have 3 child , 1 son and 2 daughter ( I know its still far away from my age but this is what im gonna do when i alr married someday <3 )
- Will be Nobody without Mom,Dad,Family,Friends,and You. <3
Okay, that's all guys! and the Liebster award is asking another question that the nominees must answer. So here we gooooo
  1. Are you a lipstick or eye makeup person? #idk, cause i'm not really a make up person, use a lipgloss and eyeliner only and a new beginner on eyeliner world! hahaha
  2. What is your signature scent? #i don't know too, just use perfume to go to the party and actually its my mom's >.<
  3. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be? #Cody Simpson! My future Husband and kids <3
  4. What's your favourite ever makeup product? #told you not a really make up person >.<
  5. What book would you recommend to your readers? #Illana Tan!! <3
  6. What do you do on bad hair days? #Pony tail as always ._.
  7. Describe your perfect Little Black Dress (LBD). #Have colar, bodycon model, have 3 button in front, zig zag silver strap in behind, satin+silk material!! <3
  8. What song will you always - without fail - dance or sing along to? #PAYPHONE
  9. What's your favourite lolly/candy/confectionary? #Yuppy candy! <3
  10. If anyone could play you in a film about your life, who would it be? #Dianna Agron! <3
  11. It's a fancy dress party where you can go as anything you want - what do you dress up as? #Paris Hilton the prettiest of all!! <3
and i'm sorry if this award is not going well in me, cause i just too confused to choose the nominees :( But, there is a blogger that i already love her style and she's pretty, nice, etc! My decision is to give her this Award just for her. Here she is, Maria Widjaja from . Congrats for you cee!! <3
Sorry again guys for the boring blog post, but here are some treat to you all, these are some random picture that i took. Enjoy! <3
Oh and once again, it's already December!! <3 I wish everything would turn great in this last month of 2012 and dreams come true absolutely! Have a photoshoot schedule with my friend this Wednesday, wish it would be great! Wish you have a very great weekend and happy 342nd day of 2012 folks! Happy December! <3