Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Need you now

hello folks you back with me again. As usually, i'm sorry for take time to post again. Busy with the activity as usually. I just can't believe holiday is really over :( but i'm excited cause TOMORROW is a holiday!! i forget what exactly holiday is tomorrow. I just remember that tomorrow is holiday! Hohoho. So back to our post, i wish you all will not bored with my post :( Today i will post again about a portfolio that i made. Took the photos last month with my best friend Jesslyn<3 So here are the photos.

well, maybe you all already know what exactly this portfolio about. From a song that sang by Lady Antebellum titled "NEED YOU NOW", we tried to make the lyrics into photos. This song is really touchy, soft and a lil bit rock cause the guy voice, deeply meaningful, and really great of course. Lyric by lyric have it own message in there. I really love this song. You should listen to it! Hope all the result are great in everyone's eye! <3
Based on Lady Antebellum - Need You Now lyrics
Talent - Jesslyn Sunyoto
Photograph - Agnes Koriston
Stylish&Edit - Agnes Koriston

Adding some photos of me that my friend took for me. Hohoho. Well, for you all out there who also in holiday tomorrow, enjoy your holiday!! <3


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  4. you are so pretty!

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    1. the girl with curly hair is my friend actually hehe :p

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  8. This post is amazing! I love Lady Antebellum as well as all country music!

  9. thanks ;) great photography. impressed me!

  10. thankyou for the comment! you're very talented too dear :) Xoxo, Daydream

  11. Such a great post! Impressive! : )

  12. good angel,,,,, the light was make her so beautiful

  13. really good song photographs !
    love them ❤ and i love this song too :')

    1. thanks ruby&rosa! <3
      yeah the song is really a great song :p