Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sunday Morning

Bonjour. I'm sorry for being such a lazy blogger. Spend my 1week holidays with many activities, reading Perahu Kertas and watched 9 movies muahahaha. And today is my last 1week holidays.Will be back to school tomorrow and in my first day school after this 1week holiday, we start our day with an exam, a chemistry exam. AAAA how poor i am n my classmate. Yeah while other students in other schools enjoying their semester holiday now, i'm still here sitting in my room struggling and doing many deadline assignment until reach 7th of June, the day of the final exam. Idk why my school held the final exam so late. Needing my holiday soon :(

Okay, enough with my daily life. These are some photos that me and my friend, Chicilia took last Sunday. That's why i named this post as 'Sunday Morning' while everyone still enjoying their Sunday morning in their warm bed, Cill-a (this is my fave name to call her :p) and i already busy with our outfit and going for a photoshoot at a street near our house. Yeah Cill-a's house is not really far away from my house :p It was the craziest photoshoot that i'm having this far. It such a really funny and fun photoshoot. LOL

We still have one more place that we took photoshoot there. So wait up for my next post. Will post about my photoshoot with Cill-a and some snap that Cill-a took for me in our 2nd place for photoshoot. Have a really great week everyone!<3

Current songs that stuck in my head:
Wanted -  Hunter Hayes
A New World - Nadya Fatira
Stuck in  the Middle - Boys Like Girls


  1. nice photoshoot! by the way i like your blog :) let's be friend,,follow me and i will follow you back for sure :)

  2. nice photos<3 adore your heels:-)

  3. you look really adorable! nice color combination Agnes! :D

    Pudding Monster

  4. first of all, Agnes, you are just the cutest!
    love that pink bowler hat!

    second, Sunday Morning is one of my fave song from Maroon 5 :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  5. it seems so much fun!! doing photoshoot with friend <33
    anyway, you look really cute in the last photo, loveeeee

  6. kok jalannya bisa sepi banget sampe kamu bisa duduk di aspal! hahah lovely poses, and great outfit!


    1. iyaa soalnya itu pas sunday morning terus rata2 di situ kantoran jadinya sepi dan bukan jalan gede :p tapi ada orang juga kok lewat2 huhu jadi malu lol :p
      thanks wynne!<3

  7. I guess.. It's not in Indonesia, but I am wrong.. Hehe lovely pics ;)

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  9. so cute !! lovely outfit and color

  10. this outfit is just perfect to walk around in a lovely sunday morning <3 you're so adorable! love all the shots ><

  11. aww you look so cute >.<

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    Thank youuuu <3


  12. kereeeeen...perpaduan warnanya "sweet" banget:))
    sukses selalu untukmu:))

  13. great post! nice style, i love the shoes and the hat :) great colors combination

  14. sweet look! :)

  15. love your heels and your bowler hat!!

  16. so cuteee :)