Friday, April 26, 2013


Hello hello guys, how's life? mine just fine. Just recover from fever a couple days ago and still got sore throat now :( And, i'm already back to school now, i want more holiday huhu T.T But, each day will never be the same so enjoy every single day that you have on your life even it become a bad or good day, and sooner or latter, it will become an experience for your life. Hehe.

I don't know where did i get this idea to match the outfit. I just remember that i got a London top from my sister and i grab it, mix and match with everything and walaaa, this is it. Well, UK's flag logo become a trend a couple months ago and i just match the outfit today i guess its a lil bit late to wear Union Jack outfit but it's ok. As long as it looks good heheh :p This shoot above taken by mom hihi and see guys, my fringe is alr quite long. So, what do you think about my long fringe? :p

Got these 2 peace bracelet from Echantique Shop at twitter. Its really cute and cheap. You should have one! They sell many handmade and cute things. There's also Eiffel bracelet, Dream catcher necklace, another peace bracelet design, etc. Follow their twitter @Echantique97. And will post about my photoshoot with my client asap, i know i promise you to post it on my newest post but it will be a lil bit late so i want to apologize about that. I promise you it will be on my next post okay<3 Happy Friday night and Weekend everyone!


  1. lovely!we have a same bbw holder :)
    how old are you anyway?

    1. thanks!<3 really? it awesome :p

      15 :D and you?

  2. super love your outfit :)
    you look cute.

  3. you look great :)

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  4. cute pants ! i love the prints

  5. So many London prints, wow!

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  6. Gosh youre so pretty <3

  7. u're cutie:)
    let's follow each other?


  8. loving the shorts. great style!