Friday, September 14, 2012

Just Believe (Singapore photodiary day2)

hey guys, got a lot activities now, kinda a busy life, yes school kids life hihihi. but i try to enjoy every single thing that happen cause without you know, things are getting better and better and better even sometimes bad happen. Just believe <3

and these are some photos from my holiday day2, enjoyed x]

guess what ice cream is this?! (left a comment with your first guessing of this ice cream) maybe you all think that this is vanilla choco or vanilla or something, but this is mint! the taste is like a mentos candy in indonesia. Band & Jerry become my number 1 top ice cream. hihihi. i've already taste the mint, biscuit, vanilla(twice),  strawberry cheesecake, etc. And my fave goes to Strawberry Cheesecake yumm!! lemme tell you about the strawberry cheesecake flavour. The Strawberry flavour is so dominant here, but still, there are some piece of  freezing cheesecake and the ice cream color is still white! but with some pink-pink polkadot color. So interesting and yall must taste it! <3 unfortunately band&jerry doesn't exist in Indonesia x( 

cousins madness

after having a great day at USS, went to Malaysian Food Street, the food was sooo yummm, i just so hungry that time until forget to take a shoot for the food, but all i can say is YUMMY. And the place is look alike with the street, only the transport doesn't exist here :p

time for teaser teaser, teaser for day 3 and added some photos from my project for school assignment, wait me! <3