Friday, September 21, 2012

Best Thing I Never Had

School Project, scroll down to look more
 These are some snaps that i took on my holiday, Singapore day 3. Went to the Maritime Experiential Museum and Vivo city.  And Scroll down to see my School Project.

Vintage Market

like i've mention before, these are some snap that i took when having my school project with friends.

talent : Reka & Agnes Kuhu
MU : Chintya & Lisya
Photo by : Agnes Koriston & Chintya
Edited: Agnes Koriston

and the last are some snap that Agnes Kuhu took for me, thank her! sorry for the messy face, hihihi. And do you know Sunshine Become You novel? A novel by Illana Tan and you all must read that! such an amazing love story, love all Illana Tan work! Maybe you all alr know this book, yes the book alr launch at Feb, alr finished read it on Feb too! hihihi

Sept 19th was my birthday, TGIFifteen! <3 and Thanks all for the greeting through bbm, message, fb, and twitter. And thanks for my friends for the Rainbow cake, BBQ party, and The pink bear doll! Up coming post about my birthday, Singapore photodiary day 4, and some pictures that i took last Sunday with my niece Angeline and her mom. Wait me! <3

Best Thing I Never Had - Beyonce. I know its an old song, but kinda love it right know, keep play it over and over again. And sometimes, you need to understand life, get what you don't want and want what you can't get. And i can't have you, my best thing i never had.


  1. Amazing photos!

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  3. i would love to go to singapore one day


  4. u r so cute! haven't read that book btw hahaha.. want to follow each other? :)

    1. thanks! <3
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  6. Great photos!! (:
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