Friday, April 6, 2012


hi hi guyss,
today i post so many new entry.
sry, dont have time for post new entry yesterday x-x
and now, i have so much free time, cause get my 2 days free fromm school cause easter day holiday and plus my lovely Sunday, so its mean, 3 days free :D
and now,
i want to see you guys about my random photos.
hmm, dont have any idea for the photos,
wanna see it?

this is Wanda, when she at my home, we decide to take some random photos, and the result is, nice :)

this is Wanda too, located in my room 

captured this while having a photoshoot with Wanda n Fatiha.
not bad right?

captured this while having a photoshoot with Jess. See here for Jess Photoshoot.

hm, just a random photo, captured it while having a photoshoot with C Frisca, see here for Frisca Photoshoot.

one of my random photos collection, located on my room, not bad right?

do you guys ever read this book? you all must read this book!
totally in love with this book.
the writer name is Ilana Tan, she also wrote Summer in Seoul, Autumn in Paris, Winter in Tokyo, and Spring in London. You must read all her books! i've read all her books, and wallaaaaa, amazing love story.
sometimes, i wonder if i can have a love story like Sandy ( Summer in Seoul ) , Tara ( Autumn in Paris ), Keiko ( Winter in Tokyo ) Naomi ( Spring in London ) and Mia ( Sunshine becomes you ) . If i can, maybe i'm the happiest woman in the world.

maybe you alr see this picture, just edited the photo, click here for the original photo.

have no idea for this photo, just one of my random photo collection.

My first Birthday with my Mom <3

this is Wanda again, another random picture by me, haha :D

just wait for my next random photos :D

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