Monday, April 16, 2012

Here me now.

hi hiiii.
today got a photosession with my cousin, Mita, thanks for shoot me XD
this is my 3rd photosession, 4th actually, last saturday, i took a photosession with my friend, Wanda.
but unfortunately, the picture is gone :'( the memory card was broken. argh
so, just count it the 3rd.

i took a photoshoot today. I tried to take a shoot indoor. and my cousin as the model.
i wish it will be good.
i'll show you my shoot on my next post.

when i took this shoot, it was so hot there cause i took this shoot after having a photoshoot with my cousin,
soooo my body is all wet. Tired. but still got time to took this, just 2 ><
so here it is.

i call it.

Here Me Now.

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