Friday, March 14, 2014

i will fly

Hello,fellas!! i know i know its been a really long time ago since my last post, yeah its on last december!! Woo and it's March and its 2014 already!!!! waaaa time flies crazlyyyyyy fasttt huhu. I'm sorry for my long absence cause i've got so many things to do. Okay, here i am again to post and replying your comment, aaa i miss blogging so much!!<3

As you can see, i'm having a mini photosession with my sister, Yoan who just move to town last January (yeyy finally she's here with me, she was lived on Melbourne due to her job) Firstly, we think of the Retro concept for this photosession but its turn out like this lolll. I dont know if all these looks like retro or no, but i'm trying my best :(( i guess i'm not fit in with retro expression lol. Enjoy the photos!! <3 FYI, ce oan (thats what i called her) is my one and only partner on our freelance job, Picxee<3 

Okay, i'm gonna type some of my story about the reason why i'm not blogging last month hohoho. On this January-Feb, i was so busy with my school stuff. My school students council have an annual program to make an event which called KBC (Kardip Basketball Competition) and this year, we made it again. I as the coordinator for this event and my friend, Andre as the leader for this event, worked really hard to make all this happen. It all begin from searching for sponsors, bring and pick up again the event proposal at sponsor's place, and so much things we must do before the event. I was upset firstly and want to give up cause before the event, its like no one wants to work for this event to happen, but after all, thanks god for making this event happen. This event spend a lot lot of my time, a lot of my energy, but i never regret to be a part of this event. Everyone had show their care on this event by working hard on this event. Thankyou guys for the hard work even we found many problem when the event was going but its okay. Stand by till late at school to do the running score things, sunbathe-ing on the afternoon match, mop-ing the court when rains over, etc. Too many things happen on this event. I'm so glad that everyone finally want to work together and this event was end successfully. Thankyou everyone! Oh yeah, of course my school attend the competition too, but unfortunately we only reach the 2nd place. It was a really tight and tough final match that they've been through, we only lose 1ball (2point) huhu but it's okay, 2nd place is enough and it was amazing to be the 2nd place of 15 school right!! :D Okay, that's all about my story, thankyou for reading everyone!!<3 

picture taken from my instagram. follow me @agneskoriston
Thankyou for reading, will be out of town for a week, absolutely will post about my trip later!! See ya!!<3
Anw, Happy White Day, Everyone!<3
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