Saturday, September 21, 2013

More Than A Memory

Hello everyone!! I'm sorry for not updating this last one month, been struggling with many exams and assignment ;( So, how's life peps? mine good! hehe. Okay, back to the post! This is my version of flare skirt that i've been mention to you all on my previous post. Pair it with comme des fuc*down tee that i bought in some random online shop hehe ;;) so, what do you think? :D

Not alone during this photoshoot, accompanied by a gorgeous best friend named Chintya!<3 She is so gorgeous right? <3 

wanna share to you all about my birthday experience yesterday :')

Just reach my 16 yesterday, and it was so so unpredictable! From the amazing wishes, greeting, my friends got mad on me, they were tweeting about me that wasn't good enough to be a friend, and they didn't even give a happy birthday to me. I thought it was the worst birthday ever! I was so sad and when night comes, my day turn into so much happier! (it still going so much happier until now) My friends sneaking to my home, cooperating with my mom and bro to make a surprise! They came to my room singing a happy birthday and bring the cake and it's really surprise me. Firstly, i thought they were truly mad on me cause it was happen since tuesday i guess, but the truth is everything just their drama to make me cry and surprise! I hate them firstly cause i think i didn't do anything so bad until they get very mad on me but after i know all the drama, I REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS!!<3 (if you reading this Pri, Irene, Wanda, Kuhu, Chintya & Mentari)

and also, thankyou everyone for the amazing wishes and greeting<3 also to Jesslyn, Lili, Erika, and Wanda, thankyou so much for the photo!<3 I LOVE YOU GUYS!<3

So, that is the pretty good memories on my birthday!<3 Thankyou for reading everyone and see you on next post!<3

Current song that stuck in my head:
Loving you - D'cinnamons
More Than A Memory - Carly Rae Jepsen


  1. cute pics ness!

  2. cute!!
    happy belated birthday btw! :)

  3. you look so cute! <33

  4. loving the cat and comme des fuckdown, a cute, simple shoot, richardsonish!

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  5. You 2 look sooo gorgeous <3 xx

  6. happy birthday! you and your friend are looked gorgeous :)

  7. aww you two looks adorbs!

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  9. That cat ears hair band is cute!
    Your friend indeed looks gorgeous!!!
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  10. Aaaaaa you look so adorable! x3
    I love your headband so much :)

    cheer, michelle

  11. your soo cute ^^