Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hi guys. It's almost the end of October now and November is coming. Didn't believe time is so fast. Got my 2days off from school 'cause Idul Adha celebration day, yey thanks god at last got my day off. Yep, but this is Sunday folks, tomorrow is Monday again ;'( back to school and back to the activities again. Argh just can't believe this weekend passed so fast. And these are some photos that taken last month at Enu when my sister back to Palu. Enjoyed.

October 27th was my granny birthday! My family made a party to celebrate her birthday, and she is 82th now! here are some photo from the party.

there are 12 other family member but they can't make it to come :(
And here is my Nephew with his Gangnam style! And he show his gangnam style at the stage too! hahaha
nephew and nieces with their oppa gangnam style! hehehehe

Don't forget to open the video of my nephew and niece gangnam style here ;) you gotta laugh for sure! hihih :p Okay guys, see you on my next post! <3

" peu-go apeujiman pabo katjiman go-od bye Tashi neol mot bonda haedo Nae meorisso-geun eonjecheum neoreul ji-ul-kka i will let you go my baby can’t forget Keurigo eonjenka neoye giyeok so-ge-neun Naran sarameun teo isang sal-ji anhket-ji ji-uget-ji You're the Only One."
It hurts and hurts and it’s foolish but good bye Though I may never see you again you're the only one When will my head erase you? I will let you go My baby can't forget And someday in your memories I won't live in it, you will erase me You're the Only One."
BoA - Only One 


  1. love your spongebob tops and the silhouette photo are amazing <3<3 happy birthday to your grandma :)

    Missing Bee

  2. I love that spongebob shirt! The beach was so peaceful!

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  3. loving the pictures, agnes, loving your spongebob tee, and the kids with the gangnam style are just cute <3

    mind following each other, dear?

    1. thanks reinhardt! :D
      hihihi, yepp they aree :P
      okay! :D

  4. hahaha, such fun photos dear~ The little kid dancing is just great.


  5. cute spongebob tee!

    love this post <3 what a nice blog ! wanna follow each other? :)

    Journal J

  6. So cute! Love the sb tshirt and happy birthday to your grandma! Your nephew is so cute :) x

    1. thanks!! <3 thanks for the greet!<3 yeah they are! <3

  7. I just love those ocean pictures!

  8. the 3rd pic is really cute!
    and your nephew and nieces doing gangnam style is just priceless!! so freaking adorable :)
    happy bday to your grandma!

    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. thanks!! <3
      yepp they are! <3
      thanks for the greet! <3

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