Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bali of Palu.

got 3 days free from school. Nyepi Holiday.
So, i go to donggala for some vacation.
so happy there, meet my new niece named Kimmy <3 dy baru 2mngu loh <3
when arrived at there, first thing that im searching for is, MAKANNNN!!!! huhahaha
Aiku pinter banget masak, enak banget.
i eat some grilled fish, boiled sweet potatoes with terasi, hahaha
so deliciousssss <3
and i go to pusat laut, omg so beautiful, its BALI OF PALU!
here is the photos:

road to pusat laut , my niece, Jesseline

me, @pusat laut

my dad n mom

my sister n my niece, C ting" n Jennifer

so ugly here >< but the view was so great!


the view

there's a hole there, dalemnya air laut loh

my niece, jesseline

my nieces, Jennifer and Jesseline

and, after go to pusat laut, kita pergi ke kebun koko saya, pergi makan kepala muda yey!! <3
langsung di petik dri pohonnya and eat there! <3

my momm


my niece jesseline

my nieces

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